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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jan 9 Intercessory-Aboliti​on Movement during NWOP, Jan 8-10, 2016

Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS
An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ
The Great I AM is calling us to I.A.M.
Intercessory-Abolition Movement 
Together with a Company of Abolitionists & 
Prayer Leaders for Justice & Freedom
Prayer Surge NOW! 1/9 during National Weekend of 
Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking, Jan 8-10
Saturday Morning, January 9, 2016, 9-11 am ET 
Call: 712-432-0075  Code: 6149782#  Mute: *6
Details below and posted on www.nationalhighwayofprayer.net

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

You and the Body of Christ throughout America and beyond are invited to the 5th Annual "Let Us be the Voice for the Voiceless" National Conference Call prayer on Saturday, January 9, 2016, 9-11 am Eastern, during Prayer Surge NOW! 1/9.  This will be one of nine opportunities for followers of Christ to engage in National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking (NWOP), January 8-10.  Please read the letter below to learn more about how you can be a catalyst for your family, local congregation, and/or city.

Would you join us for this Christ honoring cause and share this announcement with others in the Body of Christ?  Please look for our updates in upcoming emails and on www.nationalhighwayofprayer.netMeanwhile, please intercede for the PSN 1/9 and NWOP.  Thank you!

Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord, during this wonder season and throughout 2016.

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup Han
Co-Founder, NWOP
National Facilitator, PSN
January 8-10, 2016
Please share this email invitation with others including
pastors, ministry leaders, intercessors, your network.

November 2015
Dear Servant Leaders Across America:

We are very honored and blessed for the opportunity to partner with you in ending slavery and trafficking in our nation and beyond. Our complete dependency upon the Father and greater interdependency towards one another is critical in pursuing our worthy cause.
We believe that 2016 must be the banner year for justice and freedom in cities across our land.  In order for us to journey together in Christ's mandate, we ask for deeper commitment in abolishing modern-day slavery in each of our backyards and communities around the world.
 We suggest the following prayer and action points for the coming year:
  • Please start planning for National Weekend of Prayer (NWOP) to End Slavery and Trafficking, January 8-10, 2016.  We have posted nine practical and transformative options to choose from for your congregation/ministry and your community.  They include focusing on families and youth, inspiring congregations, hosting breakfast event together with local servant leaders, and connecting with national leaders via conference calling.  For details, visit  www.nwoprayer.org.
  • Please assist us in inviting other congregations/ministries to join the growing NWOP coalition.  As of today, approximately 100 churches, abolition ministries, prayer networks, and others partnering in our journey together.  We are certain that most of you are in relationship with pastors and ministry leaders who may not be aware of our collaborative endeavor.  Would you connect with these brothers and sisters and invite them to our partnership, and help us towards adding at least 200 to coalition list by end of this year?  If you send your confirmations to us, we will be sure to add them to http://www.nwoprayer.org/coalition/.
  • Please consider covering the Super Bowl Outreach, February 1-7, 2016 in prayer.  As you may know, Super Bowl is one of the venues for traffickers to use children, women, and men to profit from sex trafficking.  Next Super Bowl will be held in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most active trafficking regions of our nation.  Some of NWOP coalition member ministries are taking the opportunity in pursuing joint strategies towards rescuing the captives, cooperating with local government/law enforcement agencies, and bringing awareness to the millions.
  • Please consider giving generously.  Your prayers, active participation, and financial gifts are welcomed and much needed.  With each passing year since 2011, NWOP movement has grown significantly and in order for us to pursue 2016 as our banner year, we would greatly appreciate love offerings this month and into December.  This will allow us to cover several expenses coming our way.  We realize that some of you are have financial challenges and we do not desire a deepened financial burden on anyone.  Perhaps you, your congregation/ministry, and/or business leader in your community may have surplus and desire to sow into NWOP for the benefit of our nation and beyond.  Would you prayerfully consider sending us tax-deductible donation(s)?  We have setup a donation link here.  Thank you!
We have great expectations for the rest of this year, during NWOP, and in 2016.  Your ongoing partnership is critical in the pursuit of our worthy cause - To End Slavery and Trafficking.

Together in Christ,
Tomas J. Lares, Founder
Dai Sup Han, Co-Founder
National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking

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