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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jan 9 Nat'l Conf Call for the Ending of Human Trafficking with Abolitionists & Prayer Leaders Across America

Inviting the Body of Christ to the 5th Annual
National Conference Call Prayer Summit 1/9
Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS
TOGETHER for the Ending of Human Trafficking
Saturday Morning, Jan 9, 2016, 9-11AM Eastern
With a Company of Abolitionists and Prayer Leaders for Joint 

Connect: 712-432-0075   Code: 6149782#   Mute: *6


Servant Leaders in Partnership for "Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS" 
Listed in alphabetical order, confirmed as of January 5, 2016
Mark Beliles
North America Facilitator, Transform World, www.transform-world.net
President, America Transformation Company, www.americatransformationcompany.com

Nita Belles
Managing Director, In Our Backyard, www.inourbackyard.org
Central Oregon Regional Director, Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans, www.cooath.org

Gwen Bradley
National Area Leader - Southeast, National Day of Prayer, www.nationaldayofprayer.org

Rickie Bradshaw
Senior Pastor, First Southwest Baptist
Church Consultant, Union Baptist Association, www.ubahouston.org

Maureen Bravo
International Director, Liberty Prayer Network, www.LC.org
Peter Carlson
Salem House of Prayer, www.salemhouseofprayer.org, Pray Oregon Leadership Team, www.prayoregon.org 
Co-Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!, www.prayersurgenow.net

Susan Carter and Jo Whipp
Co-Directors, North County Abolitionists, www.facebook.com/NorthCountyAbolitionists

Virginia Chapman
Prayer Coordinator, Church Awakening, www.churchawakening.com

Alex Clattenburg
Senior Pastor, Church in the Son, Orlando, FL, www.churchintheson.com
Cindy Collins
Founder/Advocate, www.speakhope.net
Global Coordinator, Operation Outcry, www.operationoutcry.org 
Bev Dennen
ASK Network, www.asknetwork.net
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, www.chpponline.blogspot.com

Dallas Eggemeyer
CEO, Lightbearers International, www.lightbearersinternational.org

Gaylord Enns
Author of the Book, Love Revolution, www.gaylordenns.com

Jennie Fournier
Ministry Associate, The Abolitionist Network, www.egc.org/abolition
Director, Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network www.gbpan.wordpress.com

Gary Frost
National Facilitator for Prayer and Compassion Initiatives,
The Mission America Coalition, www.missionamerica.org

Netz Gomez
Senior Pastor, Houses of Light, Northridge, CA, www.housesoflight.org
Dai Sup Han
Co-Founder, National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking, www.nwoprayer.org
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!, www.prayersurgenow.net

Kay Horner
Executive Director, The Awakening America Alliance, www.awakeningamerica.us
Taechin "TC" Kim
National Facilitator, Transform USA, www.transformusa.org
Alveda King
Director, African American Outreach with Priests for Life, www.africanamericanoutreach.org
Founder/Director, Alveda King Ministries, www.alvedakingministries.com
Tomas Lares
Founder, National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking, www.nwoprayer.org
Founder/Executive Director, Florida Abolitionist, www.floridaabolitionist.org

Tonya McKim
Founder/National Prayer Leader, Capitol Point Prayer, www.capitolpointprayer.com 
Texas State Coordinator, Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org

Kenneth Morris, Jr.
Honorary Chairman, NWOP 2016, www.nwoprayer.org
Founder/President, Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, www.fdfi.org

Ricardo "Rick" Nieves
Catalyst, Men's Support Group, Colorado Springs, CO

Marcos Peres
Demand Reduction Coordinator, Florida Abolitionist, www.floridaabolitionist.org

Ann Quest
Founder/Director, Unity Quest

Ernest Spears
Founder/President, Inspired Productions Inc., www.inspiredproductions.org 

Brad Steininger
Leadership Team, Hope Family Church, Colorado Springs, CO, www.hopefamilychurch.org

Patti Townley-Covert
Transform Los Angeles, www.tla-ht.blogspot.com
Every ONE Free, www.everyonefree.org

Robert Wolff
Founder/President, Majestic Glory, www.awakening1.com
Executive Editor of the Book, UNITY: Awakening the One New Man

Julie Woodley
Founder/Director, Restoring the Heart Ministries, www.rthm.cc


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jan 9 Intercessory-Aboliti​on Movement during NWOP, Jan 8-10, 2016

Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS
An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ
The Great I AM is calling us to I.A.M.
Intercessory-Abolition Movement 
Together with a Company of Abolitionists & 
Prayer Leaders for Justice & Freedom
Prayer Surge NOW! 1/9 during National Weekend of 
Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking, Jan 8-10
Saturday Morning, January 9, 2016, 9-11 am ET 
Call: 712-432-0075  Code: 6149782#  Mute: *6
Details below and posted on www.nationalhighwayofprayer.net

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

You and the Body of Christ throughout America and beyond are invited to the 5th Annual "Let Us be the Voice for the Voiceless" National Conference Call prayer on Saturday, January 9, 2016, 9-11 am Eastern, during Prayer Surge NOW! 1/9.  This will be one of nine opportunities for followers of Christ to engage in National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking (NWOP), January 8-10.  Please read the letter below to learn more about how you can be a catalyst for your family, local congregation, and/or city.

Would you join us for this Christ honoring cause and share this announcement with others in the Body of Christ?  Please look for our updates in upcoming emails and on www.nationalhighwayofprayer.netMeanwhile, please intercede for the PSN 1/9 and NWOP.  Thank you!

Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord, during this wonder season and throughout 2016.

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup Han
Co-Founder, NWOP
National Facilitator, PSN
January 8-10, 2016
Please share this email invitation with others including
pastors, ministry leaders, intercessors, your network.

November 2015
Dear Servant Leaders Across America:

We are very honored and blessed for the opportunity to partner with you in ending slavery and trafficking in our nation and beyond. Our complete dependency upon the Father and greater interdependency towards one another is critical in pursuing our worthy cause.
We believe that 2016 must be the banner year for justice and freedom in cities across our land.  In order for us to journey together in Christ's mandate, we ask for deeper commitment in abolishing modern-day slavery in each of our backyards and communities around the world.
 We suggest the following prayer and action points for the coming year:
  • Please start planning for National Weekend of Prayer (NWOP) to End Slavery and Trafficking, January 8-10, 2016.  We have posted nine practical and transformative options to choose from for your congregation/ministry and your community.  They include focusing on families and youth, inspiring congregations, hosting breakfast event together with local servant leaders, and connecting with national leaders via conference calling.  For details, visit  www.nwoprayer.org.
  • Please assist us in inviting other congregations/ministries to join the growing NWOP coalition.  As of today, approximately 100 churches, abolition ministries, prayer networks, and others partnering in our journey together.  We are certain that most of you are in relationship with pastors and ministry leaders who may not be aware of our collaborative endeavor.  Would you connect with these brothers and sisters and invite them to our partnership, and help us towards adding at least 200 to coalition list by end of this year?  If you send your confirmations to us, we will be sure to add them to http://www.nwoprayer.org/coalition/.
  • Please consider covering the Super Bowl Outreach, February 1-7, 2016 in prayer.  As you may know, Super Bowl is one of the venues for traffickers to use children, women, and men to profit from sex trafficking.  Next Super Bowl will be held in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most active trafficking regions of our nation.  Some of NWOP coalition member ministries are taking the opportunity in pursuing joint strategies towards rescuing the captives, cooperating with local government/law enforcement agencies, and bringing awareness to the millions.
  • Please consider giving generously.  Your prayers, active participation, and financial gifts are welcomed and much needed.  With each passing year since 2011, NWOP movement has grown significantly and in order for us to pursue 2016 as our banner year, we would greatly appreciate love offerings this month and into December.  This will allow us to cover several expenses coming our way.  We realize that some of you are have financial challenges and we do not desire a deepened financial burden on anyone.  Perhaps you, your congregation/ministry, and/or business leader in your community may have surplus and desire to sow into NWOP for the benefit of our nation and beyond.  Would you prayerfully consider sending us tax-deductible donation(s)?  We have setup a donation link here.  Thank you!
We have great expectations for the rest of this year, during NWOP, and in 2016.  Your ongoing partnership is critical in the pursuit of our worthy cause - To End Slavery and Trafficking.

Together in Christ,
Tomas J. Lares, Founder
Dai Sup Han, Co-Founder
National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blessing Our Veterans with Prayers and Scriptures

Image result for pray for military
Inviting Intercessors Across America to Share
Prayers and Scriptures for Our Veterans
Please send to prayersurgenow@gmail.com
with your first name, city/state.  Thank you!

The following prayers and Bible passages for America's veterans have were shared on Saturday, November 7, 2015:

Psalm 147:3  “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  For our veterans ~ Bev, NC

1 Corinthiansb1:9 G-d is faithful is faithful who has called you into fellowship  with his son Jesus Christ; Psalm 42:11Why,my soul are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him my Savior and my God; Psalms 4:8; Deutronomy 31:6; Joshua 1:9; Psalms 46:1; St. John 15:13; Psalms 91:9-12; Ephesians 6:11; Isaiah 41:10
These are just a few Scriptures for the veterans ~ In his Love, Belinda

Father, we want to recognize you as our Commander in Chief.  We ask your forgiveness for our apathy toward praying for our men on the battlefield who have laid down their lives for our freedom.  Forgive us for our prayerlessness.  Forgive us for grumbling and complaining about our nation and our leaders.  Forgive us for causing division in our own nation and for failing to be the “watchmen” you have called us to be. 
We pray for our Veterans and their hearts.  Many of them may be as King David’s men who were men of difficult backgrounds. Note 1 Samuel 22:2. These were not Sunday School boys. They were men who were distressed under the reign of Saul. They were in debt. They were discontented. It was a motley crew which gathered unto David in the cave. They were men with problems, with things in their pasts to overcome. But David accepted them and trained them into his loyal, fighting troops.  They were drawn to the Character of David.
Father, draw these men and woman to their true Commander in Chief.  Let them be drawn to the character of the Lord Jesus (Yeshua) who does not require that they solve all their problems before they come to Him. He accepts those in distress, debt, and discontent and molds them into a band of mighty men for His cause. In fact, those who are selfsufficient and selfsatisfied will not be attracted to the Lord Jesus. But like these men, those who feel the pain and poverty of a life lived under the current ruler of this world will see the beauty of the anointed King in waiting, and they will gladly join themselves to Him.  Give them hearts after your heart as you did with King David and let them be drawn to the character and love of the KING OF ALL KINGS Yeshua Messiah (Jesus the Christ).
(excerpt taken from Bible.org regarding King David)
Nancy from Iowa (the Heartland)


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Final Days of 10 DAYS ISRAEL PRAYER Int'l Conf Call Prayer Until 9/23 Yom Kippur

Revised, 9.20.15

Visit us on our FACEBOOK event page
(or go to Facebook and search 10 DAYS ISRAEL PRAYER)

Invitation to the Body of Christ to the following Nat'l Conf Calls
Image result for 10 days of awe
Special Daily AM Prayer Surge NOW!
During 10 Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur

September 14 ~ 23, 9-10 am Eastern
Daily National Conference Call Intercession
Jews and Gentiles TOGETHER as The ONE NEW Man
with Messianic Jewish Guest Speakers, Prayer Leaders, 
and Intercessors Across America 

Connect: 712-432-0075  Code: 6149782#  Mute: *6

Inviting the Body of Christ to intercede for THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM, SALVATION OF ISRAEL, and THE JEWISH PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD from ROSH HASHANAH, September 14 to YOM KIPPUR, September 23 using 10 DAYS ISRAEL PRAYER GUIDE 2015 by John Moore (see below).  During these 10 DAYS OF AWE, you are also encouraged to join us for daily morning conference call prayer gatherings with teams of Messianic Jewish guest speakers, Gentile prayer leaders, and hosts serving TOGETHER as The ONE NEW Man.
Day 8, Mon, 9/21, PRAYER FOCUS: The Abrahamic Covenant
Guest SpeakerAnne Trumbo, Co-Founder/Director of
San Francisco House of Prayer for All Nations(SFHOPFAN), www.sfhouseofprayer.org
Prayer Leader: Pastor Michael Obi, National Coordinator and Executive Director,
African Strategic Leadership Prayer Network, www.aslpn.org
Host: John Moore, Facilitator for ISRAEL Prayer Surge NOW! 
and Author of 10 DAYS ISRAEL PRAYER Guide

Day 9, Tue, 9/22, PRAYER FOCUS: Pray for Ministries Reaching Out to the Jewish People
Guest Speaker: Rozalie Jerome, Co-Founder/Director, The Crossover Project, www.thecrossoverproject.org
and Serving with March of Remembrance, May 1, 2016, www.marchofremembrance.org
Prayer Leader: Taechin "TC" Kim, National Facilitator, Transform USA, www.transformusa.org
and Catalyst for 10 Days of Prayer Colorado Springs, Sept 13-23, www.theshopcs.org/10-days-cos.html
Host: Peter Carlson, Co-Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW! 
and Co-State Director, Pray Oregon, www.prayoregon.org
Day 10, Wed, 9/23, PRAYER FOCUS: Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement)
Guest Speaker: Rabbi Stew Lieberman, Senior Rabbi of Shabbat Ministry, 
Beth Abraham Church in the City, www.churchinthecity.org/Ministry/shabbat/
Prayer Leader: Ann Quest, Founder, Unity Quest and 
Rudi Bam, Intercessor Connecting from Australia
Host: Dai Sup Han, National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW! and
Catalyst for 10 Days of Prayer Colorado Springs, Sept 13-23, www.theshopcs.org/10-days-cos.html

Daily Prayer Guide for THE 10 DAYS OF AWE 
September 14 ~ 23, 2015
By John Moore, Israel Prayer Surge NOW! 
 Following prayer guide have been adapted from the
12 page version of 10 DAYS ISRAEL PRAYER GUIDE 2015

Day 1 –Monday, September 14th - Leviticus 23:24-25
PRAYER FOCUS: Rosh Hashanah (The Feast of Trumpets)

The head or beginning of a new spiritual year celebrated on the first day of the seventh month Tishri and ushered in by the blowing of the trumpets.
1.    Pray for the Body of Messiah to be awakened by the trumpets into fervent watchfulness and preparation for the Day of   Atonement.
2.    Pray the Body of Messiah will enter into the Sabbath rest of the Lord by faith in the completed work of Messiah.
3.    Give thanks to the Lord for the year just past and pray for His Kingdom to come and for His Will to be done during this feast and the Ten Days Israel.
4.    Pray for the Lord to provide a period quiet each day to get alone with Him without distractions.
5.    Pray for the grace to fast and pray according to Isa. 58

Day 2 – Tuesday, September 15th- Ephesians 2:11-15

1.    Pray for repentance personally and corporately for grieving the Holy Spirit in the Body of Messiah.
2.    Pray for removal of all impediments, restrictions, and restraining influences to a worldwide outpouring of The Holy Spirit.
3.     Pray for a stirring of passion within the Bride of Christ for the manifestation of her Beloved.
4.    Pray for spiritual deception to be broken over the Body of Messiah and that the church will awaken from slumber.
5.    Pray for restoration and increase in the miraculous.
6.    Pray for signs and wonders to increase all over the world in affirmation of the Gospel.
7.    Pray for true unity and support of Israel amongst leaders in the church worldwide.
8.    Pray for a spirit of reconciliation to grip the soul of the church and that it will be followed by unified action and outreach.
9.    Pray for transformation of the Jewish and Christian religious heart of stone into a heart of flesh that responds in forgiveness, love, compassion, and mercy.

Day 3 – Wednesday, September 16th- Psalms 2:1; Zechariah 12:7-9
PRAYER FOCUS: Pray for National Security

Israel as a nation is virtually surrounded by hostile Islamic countries and terrorist organizations. Lebanon in the North, Syria in the Northeast, Jordan to the East and Southeast, and Egypt to the South, Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon and the West Bank.
1.    Pray for the IDF and key military commanders for salvation, wisdom, discretion, and to prevent loss of life.
2.    Pray for the salvation of Israel’s enemies and the supernatural intervention of God to thwart their evil intentions against God’s people.
3.    Pray that Israel will turn to God for protection and place their confidence in Him not in military might or in any other national entity.
4.    Pray that the Israeli military is prepared and well equipped for any contingency.
5.    Pray for unique ways that war with Iran may be averted and that weapons of mass destruction will be properly secured in places of safe keeping.
6.    Pray for the United States to stand with Israel against her enemies and bless the people of Israel. 
Day 4 – Thursday September 17th - Joel 2:28-29
PRAYER FOCUS: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Children of Israel

1.      Pray for repentance personally and corporately for grieving the Holy Spirit.
2.      Pray for removal of all impediments, restrictions, and restraining influences to a worldwide outpouring of The Holy Spirit.
3.       Pray for a stirring of passion within the Hebrew heart for the manifestation of her Beloved.
4.      Pray for spiritual deception to be broken over the Body of Messiah and that the church will awaken from slumber.
5.      Pray for restoration and increase in the miraculous.
6.      Pray for signs and wonders to increase all over the world in affirmation of the Gospel.
7.      Pray for true unity and support of Israel amongst leaders in the church worldwide.

Day 5 – Friday, September 18th - Zechariah 12:10
PRAYER FOCUS: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the Work of Intercession

1.    Pray for the passion of Christ to be revealed by the Holy Spirit through the Hebrew Scripture, dreams, visions and the Passover celebration.
2.    Pray for a great heart felt repentance and mourning to consume the soul of Israel over having crucified Yeshua their promised Messiah and a great outcry for His return.
3.    Pray for the circumcision of heart of the Body of Messiah so the One New Man may arise in His Fullness.
4.    Pray for the establishment and spread of 24/7 intercession throughout the nation of Israel and completion of networking with global prayer initiatives.

Day 6 – Saturday, September 19th - 1 Timothy 2:1
PRAYER FOCUS: Praying for Those in Authority

1.    Pray for the leaders in the Government for salvation, wisdom, strength, and protection.
2.    Pray for their families’ welfare and protection.
3.    Bless each governmental official.
4.    Pray for unity and coordination in and between each department of the government.
5.    Give thanks to God for the certainty of Israel’s fulfilled destiny and the part each of these leaders play to make Israel a blessing to all nations.

Day 7 – Sunday, September 20th - Amos 9:11
PRAYER FOCUS:  Aliyah, the Return of the Jews to Their land

The Bible clearly teaches that Alyiah is God’s initiative. He is the One who is bringing His Jewish people home. The Lord is calling intercessors to stand in the gap in these increasingly urgent days, to cooperate with Him as His prophetic Word unfolds for the ingathering of the Jewish people from all over the earth.  In the following scripture He says they will never again be separated from their land.
1.    Pray for Operation Exodus which is an effective ministry to the Jewish people who are seeking assistance with finance, jobs, information, and documentation in the Aliyah process.
2.    Pray for the financial resources to provide passage for Jews longing to return to their land and that at the end of their journey they will have experienced Christian love and heard the Gospel.
3.    Pray for the expeditious action of Governmental authorities on Passports and visas thereby reducing the waiting period for returnees.
4.    Pray for the safety of those on Alyiah and their restoration to loved ones and family living in the land.

DAY 8 – Monday, September 21st - Genesis 12:23; 15:17-18; Luke 1:68-73; Isaiah 9:6-7
See also Genesis 13:14-17; 17:1-19
PRAYER FOCUS: The Abrahamic Covenant

1.    Pray that Israel’s heart would be turned to the Lord that the veil could be taken away from their eyes to see that Yeshua is the promised seed through which all the families of the earth will be blessed.
2.    Pray for Israel to turn to the Holy Scriptures and receive the revelation that they are appointed to be a blessing to all the nations of the earth.
3.    Pray for the spirit of unbelief to be broken over the nation.
4.    Pray that Messianic teachers will be released in the grace of God to share the vital connection of Yeshua to the promised seed.
5.    Pray against Hassidic influence working to constrain the preaching of the Gospel.

DAY 9 – Tuesday, September 22nd – Genesis 12:2-3
PRAYER FOCUS: Pray for Ministries Actively Reaching Out to the Jewish People

1.      Pronounce a blessing over each one of the ministries represented.  (Please refer to the Appendix on Page 12)
2.      Pray for their leaders and families for God’s sovereign protection.
3.      Pray for the ministry’s financial needs to be met and well managed.
4.      Pray that the Spirit of Revelation and Wisdom to rest on the leaders.
5.      Pray for the humility to recognize and submit to God’s direction as He brings about a greater level unity and networking in His global intercessory network.

Day 10 – Wednesday, September 23rd, Leviticus 23:26-28; Psalms 139:23-24; 1 John 1:5-10
PRAYER FOCUS: Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement)

The day of deep inner searching of the soul to uncover and confess personal sins and petitioning The Lord to cover them with His atoning blood. Daniel fasted, prayed and confessed his sins and the sins of the nation. He presented his petition and God answered his prayers.

1.    Pray for the Holy Spirit to search your heart and uncover anything that is displeasing in God’s sight, sins of omission as well as commission. (Psalm 139) Use Exodus 20 as a check list.
2.    Pray for the grace to acknowledge our sin in God’s presence and confess to a brother or sister where appropriate.
3.    Pray for a sweeping spirit of conviction to fall on the body of Messiah and grace to turn from our wicked ways so God may hear from heaven, pardon our iniquity, and heal our land.
4.    Pray for a revelation of Yeshua to come to the unsaved in this time of openness and soul searching.
5.    Pray for forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation from Yeshua. Release and forgive anyone who has wounded or offended you and pray for them to be touched by The Lord.