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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here's what leaders & intercessors are saying about 9/11/11... TEN YEARS LATER. Please share yours.

Thank you for participating in 9/11/11… TEN YEARS LATER National Conference Call Prayer!

Below are some of the comments from leaders/intercessors. Can we post yours? Please send your comments (2 or 3 sentences & your name, city, state) to prayersurgenow@gmail.com

Cheri Risch, Clovis, CA: It was truly an anointed time and I am so thankful that I had to choose among several opportunities to pray for our country: Presidential Prayer Team, Prayer Surge Now, NDP and several local calls to prayer!

Ann Quest, Dallas, TX: I am still praising the Lord for Sunday...sharing the experience with others. It was a commitment, but it so blessed my heart to hear the teaching, the words of wisdom, the heart-felt prayers of brothers and sisters who poured their hearts out before His Throne. There is a remnant!, and I am grateful to be in it with you and these other precious voices.

Bev Dennen ASK Prayer Network, Longboat Key, FL: A river of intercession flowed for 12 hours throughout this nation and back to the Throne where it went into the bowls of heaven waiting for that day to be poured out. REVIVAL!

Joe Walsh, Founder, President, California Fellowship Foundation, www.CaliforniaFellowshipFoundation.org: I praise God for the opportunity to link together the Body of Christ from coast to coast. Further, I liked very much the idea that we included Canada and thought of ourselves as the North America Church. There may be an increasing need to think and pray that way in the years ahead.

Rhoda Anderson, Chico, CA: I thought the whole Special National Conference Call was great, from the first phone call to the end. Everything was done in decency and in order, each leader knew what to pray about and how to pray. Every participant was ordained by God. I was involved on the 10 to 11am hour "Dishonoring of the First Nations People." Each one bringing a special flavor to the call!

Mary Carolyn Ludwig, ASK Prayer Network, Pittsburg, PA: I believe this was a very valuable call for our Nation on its tenth year since 9/11. It was also a wonderful way to connect the body of Christ across the nation to call upon the Lord as one.

Rev. Edgar Reich, Mount Zion Baptist Church, South Hackensack, NJ, www.RevivalUSACanada.org: I was deeply moved by Allan Parker who humbly asked God for His guidance and help to overturn a number of pieces of legislation against the word of God.

Ron Archer, North American Coordinator, International Reconciliation Coalition, www.reconcile.org: It was a privilege to participate in this event. Through technology we’re able to connect with others in North American to pray for our Country & Continent. I enjoyed sharing with the others in this time slot. It would have been good to have a few more join in but overall I felt it was a good event/experience.

Miriam Minnis, Truckee, CA: I was only able to participate directly in several of the hours of prayer for our country, but was very grateful for that. Instead of just mourning for what was lost on this anniversary of 9/11 this prayer call helped direct me to becoming a participant in the solutions for our difficulties. I am grateful that PSN is helping us participate in God's ways of overcoming the evil in our days. The published format also was beneficial to others as a guide to ongoing prayer for change in our country.