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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Invitation to the National DAILY Prayer Calls for US Supreme Court

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ
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National DAILY Prayer Calls (NDPC) for
LIFE and United States Supreme Court 
Sunday-Friday, 8-9 am Eastern and
Sunday evenings, 8-9 pm Eastern
Call: 605-475-4797  Code: 336718#

Sunday Mornings, 8-9 am Eastern
Facilitator Cheri Risch, Pray Central Valley

Sunday Evenings, 8-9 pm Eastern
Facilitator Otilia Curiel, In Him Christian Fellowship, Bakersfield, CA 

Monday Mornings, 8-9 am Eastern
Facilitator Allan Parker, The Justice Foundation, The Moral Outcry

Tuesday Mornings, 8-9 am Eastern

Wednesday Mornings, 8-9 am Eastern
Facilitator Gwen Bradley, National Day of Prayer Southeast States

Thursday Mornings, 8-9 am Eastern
Facilitator Nga Dang, ASK Network Western States

Friday Mornings, 8-9 am Eastern
Facilitator Lois Hogan, Jefferson City Healing Ministry

*Saturday Mornings, 7:30-11 am Eastern
Prayer Surge NOW! National Conference Call
Weekly Saturday Morning Prayer Since 2007
Please visit www.PrayerSurgeNOW.net

November 2018

Dear Intercessors Across America:

Since January 2016, we have been engaging in daily intercession for the United States Supreme Court for the purpose of ending legalized abortion throughout America.

It began with GLOBAL CONFERENCE CALL for SANCTITY of LIFE and ENDING of BLOODSHED, January 22, 2016,  which led to 10 DAYS OF 24 HOUR PRAYER for US Supreme Court: Nonstop Conf Call Prayer until March 3, 2016.  Then in March 2016, we launched National DAILY Prayer Call (NDPC) for US Supreme Court which continues to this day.  

Please consider joining us and sharing this invitation with fellow intercessors across America.  May the Holy Spirit guide our intercession towards the deliverance and destiny of our nation and beyond!

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup Han
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!
Coordinator, National DAILY Prayer Calls

Friday, December 7, 2018

Invitation to 12/13 The Moral Outcry National Conference Call, with Alveda King, Allan Parker, Denn & Mindy Tebo, Thu, Dec 13, 9-10 pm ET

Revised, December 12, 2018

Inviting Servant Leaders and Intercessors Across America
The Moral Outcry for LIFE and the US Supreme Court
National Conf Call on Thur Evening, Dec 13, 9-10 pm Eastern
Call: 605-475-4797  Code: 336718#  Mute: *6  
With Dr. Alveda King, Civil Rights Activist for the Unborn,
Allan Parker, Denn and Mindy Tebo, Authors of The Moral Outcry
Facilitated by Dai Sup Han, National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW
Details to be posted on www.nationalhighwayofprayer.net

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In this Advent Season we are inspired by the LIFE we share in CHRIST.  And yet, many in our nation have either embraced the culture of death or become indifferent towards babies in their mothers' womb.  TOGETHER in CHRIST, we called to be HIS salt to our culture & light in the darkness as we closeout 2018 and into the New Year.

Would you join several servant leaders, intercessors across America, and us in a critical national conference call - The Moral Outcry for LIFE and US Supreme Court - next week Thursday evening, 9-10 pm Eastern (6-7 pm Pacific), using 605-475-4797, code 336718#.  Let us tune into the vision, details, updates regarding one of the most effective, collaborative efforts towards ending abortion throughout our nation.

We need your partnership in sharing this invitation to others, including fellow servant leaders as well as intercessors in your network.  Please respond to prayersurgenow@gmail.com and consider visiting www.TheMoralOutcry.com and watching an inspirational video in advance of our 12/13 conf call.  THANK YOU!!!

Together in Christ,
Allan Parker and Dai Sup Han