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Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Let US be the VOICE for the VOICE" for Ending Human Trafficking, Sat, Jan 10

 Revised Tuesday, January 7


Inviting the Body of Christ to the 4th Annual
National Conference Call Prayer Summit 1/10
"Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS" 
Saturday Morning, Jan 10, 2015 9-11AM Eastern
TOGETHER for the Ending of Human Trafficking
With a Company of Abolitionists and Prayer Leaders for Joint 

Connect: 712-432-0075     Code: 6149782#     Mute: *6  

Servant Leaders in Partnership for "Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS" 
Listed in alphabetical order, confirmed as of Jan. 7, 2015

Kevin Austin
Director, Set Free Movement, Free Methodist Church, www.setfreemovement.org
Amber Barron
Founder/Director, Freedom's Promise, www.freedomspromise.org
Melissa Blevins
Co-founder/Prayer Coordinator, I AM for Freedom, www.iamforfreedom.org
John Bornschein
Vice Chairman, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.nationaldayofprayer.org 
Executive Member, National Prayer Committee, www.nationalprayercommittee.com 
Maryal Boumann
Director, Pray California, www.praycalifornia.org
Maureen Bravo
National Prayer Director, Liberty Prayer Network, www.lc.org
Pierre Bynum 
Chaplain/National Prayer Director, Family Research Council, www.frc.org
Nicholas Canuso

Director, National Weekend of Prayer, www.nwoprayer.org
Serving with Florida Abolitionist, www.floridaabolitionist.org
Peter Carlson
Co-Leader, Heart of the Valley House of Prayer, www.hovhop.com
State Co-Director, 24/7 Oregon, www.twentyfoursevenoregon.com 
Cindy Collins 
Founder/Director, Speak Hope, www.speakhope.net
State Leader, Louisiana Operation Outcry, www.operationoutcry.org
Nga Dang, Marsha Elliot, Linda Thompson
Serving with California ASK Network, www.asknetwork.net
Bev Dennen
Serving on Leadership Team, ASK Network International, www.asknetwork.net
April De Pretis
Serving with Youth With A Mission, www.ywam.org
Jennie Fournier
Director, Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network,  www.gbpan.wordpress.com
Serving with Emmanuel Gospel Center Abolition Network, www.egc.org/abolition
Jonathan Friz
National Visionary, 10 Days of Prayer, www.10daysofprayer.net
Mark Gonzales
Founder/Director, U.S. Hispanic Prayer Network, www.hispanicprayernetwork.com
 Founder/Director, U.S. Hispanic Action Network, www.hispanicactionnetwork.com
Dai Sup Han
Co-Founder, National Weekend of Prayer, www.nwoprayer.org
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!, www.prayersurgenow.net
Mitchell Hescox
Executive Board Member, National Association of Evangelicals, www.nae.net
President, Evangelical Environmental Network, www.creationcare.org
Melissa Holland
Founder/Executive Director Awaken INC, www.awakenreno.org
Arthur Hunt
Founder, Supreme Day of Prayer, www.tcaamusic.net/undivided--supreme-day-of-prayer.html
Senior Pastor, Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith
Barbara Jones
State Prayer Leader, Nevada Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org
TC Kim
National Facilitator, Transform USA, www.transformusa.org
Tomas Lares
Founder, National Weekend of Prayer, www.nwoprayer.org
Founder/President, Florida Abolitionist, www.floridaabolitionist.org
Rick Lindsay
State Prayer Leader, South Carolina Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org
Chris Martinez
Facilitator, My Father's Fire-House of Prayer and Praise 
Serving with International Justice Mission, Sacramento, www.ijm.org 
Donna Matts
State Prayer Leader, Virginia Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org
Tonya McKim
State Prayer Leader, Texas Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org
Tony Nassif
President, Preventing Abuse Foundation, www.preventingabuse.org
Ann Quest 
Founder/Director, Unity Quest
Paul Riley
Wasilla Prayer Network, Wasilla, Alaska
Ted Rose
Founder/President, United States National Prayer Council, www.usnationalprayercouncil.com
Kelly Roy

 Founder/Director, Illuminating Love, www.illuminatinglove.org
Carlos Sarmiento
Director, Orlando House of Prayer, www.orlandohop.org
Mattthew Smoler
Director of Prayer Ministry, Promise Keepers, www.promisekeepers.org
Elizabeth Strong
Serving with ASK Network USA, www.asknetwork.net
Patti Townley-Covert

Leadership Team Member, Transform Los Angeles, www.transformla.net
Thomas Walker
Founder/Director, National Governors' Prayer Team,  www.governorsprayerteam.org
Frank & Robin Williamson
State Prayer Leader, Florida Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org
James Wilson
Co-Director, National Day of Repentance, www.dayofrepentance.org
State Prayer Leader, California Governor's Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.org
Robert Wolff
Executive Editor, UNITY Awakening the One New Man, www.awakening1.com
The 4th Annual National Conference Call Prayer Summit 1/10
"Let US be the VOICE for the VOICELESS" is a part of
January 9-11, 2015 with 8 OPPORTUNITIES to partner together
and engage to Body of Christ to in your city to free the captives! 

 Please consider reading
By Nicholas Canuso, Director of NWOP to End Slavery and Trafficking
Land of the Free

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