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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Join Us for 6/12 Conf Call with Raleigh Washington, Luis Bush & A Company of Servant Leaders for the Ministry of Reconciliation, Global Transformation & 4/14 Window Movement

This is a 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 & John 17:20-23 Moment!
“Speak, for you servant is listening!” 1 Samuel 3:10

Inviting the Body of Christ to a Special Evening Conference Call
National Highway of Prayer 6/12
For the Ministry of the Reconciliation Across America,
 Global Transformation & 4/14 Window Movement 

With Special Guests
 Dr. Raleigh Washington
Dr. Luis Bush

Tuesday, 6.12.12, Evening
8-10pm Eastern & 5-7pm Pacific
Connect using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#
Details also posted on www.nationalhighwayofprayer.net
Face Book Event Invitation: CLICK HERE
Contact email: prayersurgenow@gmail.com  

1st Hour: The Ministry of Reconciliation Across America 
Special Guest Dr. Raleigh Washington, www.promisekeepers.org
Ted Pearce & Steve Wearp, www.marchofremembrance.org
Rickie Bradshaw, www.ubahouston.org
Dean Longo & Paul Rice, Organizers of "Juneteenth"
Rally for Reconciliation with African Americans, First Nations
& Jewish People, Tuesday, June 19, Newport News, Virginia
Facilitated by Matthew Smoler, www.promisekeepers.org

2nd Hour: Global Transformation & 4/14 Window Movement 
Special Guest Dr. Luis Bush, www.transform-world.net, www.4to14window.com  
Tom Victor, Facilitator, 4/14 Window North America,
Messianic Rabbi Robert Wolff, www.awakening1.com
Dr. Susan Rowe, Author of “The Amos 911 Call”, www.thelivingwall.org   
Invitation to Transform World Global Challenges Summit 2012
Bali, Indonesia, Nov. 6-9 – View details HERE
Facilitated by TC Kim, www.transformusa.org & Dai Sup Han,

Reminder from National Highway of Prayer 5/22
Please read Jonathan Friz’s invitation to "10 Days of Prayer" below

An Invitation Area-Wide 10 Day Gatherings
(Mat 9:15 ESV)  And Jesus said to them, "Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.”

Origins: As a recent college graduate, Jonathan Friz received a call from the Lord in 2004 to “call His people to mourn” during the 10 Days from the Biblical feast of Trumpets to the Day of Atonement.  He also received a secondary call to the “10 Days leading up to Pentecost”.  

Purpose: The clear purpose of these gatherings is the full-fulfillment of Jesus’ dying wish for His followers, “Let them be one as we [I and the Father] are one”.  This purpose is fulfilled both by broad partnership among faithful Christ-followers from many traditions and by deep fellowship with the Lord through time set-apart for corporate worship, fasting, and prayer.

Vision: Annual rhythms of Unity and Prayer.  We envision city-wide churches around the nation and the world gathering together during these special seasons each year for worship, fasting, and prayer.

Calling a City (or other region) to Pray
  • Have a central location (s) for 24/7 prayer or ongoing prayer throughout the 10 Days.
  • Host nightly gatherings at different locations throughout the area with different congregations/leaders partnering to host each evening.
  • Encourage participants take time off from work, ministry, and media during all or part of the 10 days in order to minister to the Lord.  While not everyone will be responsive to this call, those who do will be transformed at a much deeper level.
  • This is a powerful discipleship tool that causes believers to internalize spiritual realities in a relatively short time frame.

Fall 10 Days: Sept. 16 (sundown) to Sept 26 (sundown), 2012

Invitation:  We desire to see the culture of the Body of Christ changed through this transformative and unifying annual experience under local leadership.  If you’re interested in moving forward with this in your city or region, please contact 10daysofprayer@gmail.com for more information.

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