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Sunday, October 30, 2011

11/3 National Highway for Prayer for Rediscovering America's Destiny

A Special Invitation to Pastors/Leaders/Intercessors Across America...

National Highway of Prayer Conference Call
Rediscovering America and
Tending to the Holy Experiment

Thursday, November 3, 8:45am-9:30am Eastern

On 310th Anniversary of William Penn's
Departure from Pennsylvania & America

Connect: 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#

Abby Abildness, Healing Tree International
Dr. Bob Doe, Light of Hope
Lorrie Fields, The Seed of a Nation
Dave Kubal, Intercessors for America
Mary Carolyn Ludwig, Intercessor for the Nations
www.asknetwork.net, www.chpponline.blogspot.com, www.prayersurgenow.net

For details, please read below or visit

This evening, I was reading "William Penn: Liberty and Justice for All" by Janet & Geoff Benge with my son, the Holy Spirit grabbed my heart about William Penn's second & final departure from Pennsylvania - November 3, 1701. His 23 month return to America was filled with advancement of the Holy Experiment as he witnessed the SEED sprouting & bearing amazing fruit. Jews & Gentiles, Native & European,men & women were experiencing LIBERTY & JUSTICE for ALL, and the destiny of America was becoming a reality.

On that day 310 years ago, William Penn did not realize that he would never returned to the place of the Holy Experiment as he fought to save Pennsylvania from English politics until his death in 1718. IT IS TIME that the Church of America to understand & pursue our unique place in His Story! Please read "The Seed of a Nation: Rediscovering America" by my good friends Darrell & Lorrie Fields. You can purchase this anointed book at www.seedofanation.com.

After my son went to bed, I searched the Internet and discovered an interesting site on Penn's second wife Hannah Penn. It seemed that she understood & attempted to advance the Experiment in spite of William Jr. & his son Springett's selfish ambitions. I believe the same Spirit guiding Willam Penn led Hannah, and without her passion & pursuit of her husband's vision perhaps the the Experiment may have died prematurely.

Would you join me on a special National Highway of Prayer Conference Call this Thursday, November 3, 8:45-9:30am Eastern, to tend to the Holy Experiment & ask others across the nation to join us using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#? Key national servant leaders will share insights & inspiration towards prevailing intercession for America. I believe the Father will meet us with His loving heart & take pleasure as we choose to deepen our partnership with His Son for the destiny of Pennsylvania & America. Let us TOGETHER REDISCOVER the America that was birth in GOD'S DREAM.

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup Han
National Highway of Prayer

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