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Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Sunday: 9/11/11... TEN YEARS LATER National Conference Call Prayer

To the Body of Christ: Please Consider & Share this Invitation to


Please join us for ONE or more hours during this

Special National Conference Call Prayer:

Daniel 9 “Identificational Repentance”

For the Sins of the Church

Sunday, September 11, 2011

8:00 am – 8:00 pm Eastern

Connect with Pastors/Rabbis/Ministry Leaders

56 Leaders Representing 50 Ministries AND 22 States, DC & Canada

& Fellow Intercessors throughout North America

In the Spirit of John 17:20-23 using

712-432-0075 & code 6149782#

Please use *6 to mute & unmute your line.

This is free conference calling. Regular phone fees/minutes will apply.

Each hour will be limited to 1000 callers.



Growing List of Pastors/Rabbis/Leaders Together for 9/11/11… TEN YEARS LATER

(Eastern Time Schedule, Focus of Repentance & Leadership Team for Each Hour)

8am-9am Eastern “The Broken Covenant” (Daniel 9:4-5)

Mary Bruce, National Area Leader - Northeast, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

Darrell & Lorrie Fields, Authors of the Book, “The Seed of a Nation: Rediscovering America,” www.seedofanation.com

Dave Kubal, President, Intercessors for America, www.ifaprayer.org

Mary Carolyn Ludwig, Former National Leadership Team Member, ASK Network International, www.asknetwork.net

Dick Simmons, Founder/Director, Men for Nations, www.menfornations.org

Joe Walsh, National Area Leader - West, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org & CEO, California Fellowship Foundation, www.californiafellowshipfoundation.org

9am-10am Eastern “Bloodshed of the Innocent” (Psalm 139:13-17)

Brenda Dowdin, Director, Women’s Resource Clinic, www.womensresourceclinic.org & Chapter Leader, Aglow International, www.aglow.org

Marcela Garcia, Southern California Chapter Leader, Bound4Life, www.bound4life.com

Allan Parker, Founder/President, The Justice Foundation, www.thejusticefoundation.org

Paul Riley, Retired Pastor & Prison Chaplain, Wasilla, Alaska

Tom Smith, Board Member, Men for Nations, www.menfornations.org

10am-11am Eastern “Dishonoring of the First Nations People” (2 Corinthians 5:18-20)

Ben Medel, Native American Pastor/Ministry Leader

Christ Otto, Interim Executive Director, Daybreak Pregnancy Resource Center, www.daybreakinc.org & Suffolk Country, MA Coordinator, Cry Out America, www.awakeningamerica.us

Stephanie Steele, California State Coordinator, Governor’s Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.com & Cry Out America, www.awakeningamerica.us

Myles Weiss, Rabbi, Beth Shalom, Novato, CA, www.visitbethshalom.org

11am-12pm Eastern “Prayerlessness & Lack of Trust in God” (Galatians 3:6)

John Bornschein, Executive Director, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

Lisa Crump, Director of Prayer Mobilization, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

Taechin “TC” Kim, National Facilitator, Transform USA, www.transformusa.org

Tomas Lares, National Hispanic Advisor & Florida State Coordinator, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

Rick Lindsay, Founder/Director, Encourage Men to Pray, www.encouragementopray.org & South Carolina State Coordinator, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

12pm-1pm Eastern “Causing the Little Ones to Sin” (Mark 9:35-37,42)

Joel Enge, Faculty Sponsor, Men of Issachar at Boulter Middle School, Tyler, TX, www.facebook.com/pages/Men-of-Issachar-at-Boulter-Middle-School/203467116976

Dai Sup Han, Coordinator, Prayer Surge NOW!, www.prayersurgenow.blogspot & Californians for JESUS, www.CA4Jesus.blogspot.com

Carl Mosebach, Northern California Director, Christian Educators Association International, www.ceai.org

1pm-2pm Eastern “Loss of Fear of the Lord” (Psalm 111:10)

Bruce Berliner, Pastor, Wall Street Revival, www.wallstreetrevival.com & Encouragement in Christ Ministries, Englewood, NJ

Michael Brown, Awaken Discipleship Training School Staff, University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii, www.uofnkona.edu

Beverly Dennen, National Leadership Team Member, ASK Network International, www.asknetwork.net

Greg Gordon, Founder/Director, Sermon Index, www.sermonindex.net

Jason Hershey, Base Leader, YWAM DC, www.ywamdc.com

Edgar Reich, Founder/Director, Revival USA & Canada, www.revivalusacanada.org

2pm-3pm Eastern “Neglect of Creation Care” (Genesis 1:31; 2:15)

Gary Bergel, Former President, Intercessors for America & Advisor, Evangelical Environmental Network, www.creationcare.org

Negiel Bigpond, Co-founder/Director, Two Rivers Native American Training Center, www.2-rivers.com

Alexei Laushkin, Senior Director of Communications, Evangelical Environmental Network, www.creationcare.org

3pm-4pm Eastern “Racism & Religious Bigotry” (2 Corinthians 5:14-17)

Ron Archer, North America Director, International Reconciliation Coalition, www.reconcile.org

Daniel Delgado, Senior Pastor, Third Day Missions Church, Staten Island, NY, www.3dmissions.org & New York/New Jersey Regional Director National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, www.nhclc.org

Arthur Hunt, Senior Pastor, Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith, Dumas, AR & Arkansas State Coordinator, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org & Executive Producer, “Feel the Movement: From Prophecy to Promise,” www.feelthemovement.net

John Moore, Prayer Surge NOW! Intercessor, Houston, TX, www.prayersurgenow.blogspot.com & Graduate Candidate, Dallas Theological Seminary

4pm-5pm Eastern “Sexual Immorality & Divorce” (Matthew 5:27-28; 19:9)

Maryal Boumann, Director, Pray California, www.praycalifornia.org & Chapter Leader, Aglow International, www.aglow.org

Bob Emrich, Director, Maine Jeremiah Project, www.mainejeremiahproject.com

Susan Landry, California Bay Area Leader, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

John & Peggy McEwen, Prayer Surge NOW! Intercessors, Marietta, GA, www.prayersurgenow.blogspot.com

Kris Mineau, Director, Massachusetts Family Institute, www.mafamily.org

5pm-6pm Eastern “Lack of Support for Our Government & Military” (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Sara Ballenger, Founder/President, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, www.chpponline.blogspot.com

Mark Benz, Director, Men for Nations, Maryland, www.menfornations.org

Al McCarn, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Tom Walker, Founder/President, National Governors’ Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.com & Indiana State Coordinator, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

6pm-7pm Eastern “Anti-Semitism & Replacement Theology” (Romans 11:25-29)

Saeed Hosseini, Director, Prayer Pavillion, www.prayerpavilion.org

Victor Khokhlan, Senior Pastor, King of the Nations House of Prayer, MA & Massachusetts State Coordinator, National Day of Prayer Task Force, www.ndptf.org

Matthew Smoler, National Prayer Coordinator & Evangelism Manager, Promise Keepers, www.promisekeepers.org

Daniel Vargas, Rabbi/Director, Beth Israel Ministries, www.bethisraeljewishministries.org, Global Towers, www.globalprayertowers.com, & Hawaii State Coordinator, Governor’s Prayer Team, www.governorsprayerteam.com

7pm-8pm Eastern “Division & Indifference in the Body of Christ” (John 13:33-34)

Gaylord Enns, Author of the Book, “Love Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus,” www.gaylordenns.com

Netz Gomez, Senior Pastor, Houses of Light, Northridge, CA, www.housesoflight.net & Director, Aviva Movement, www.avivamovement.com

Jonathan Friz, Coordinator, New England Alliance, www.newenglandalliance.blogspot.com

Larry Lane, Pastor, Neighborhood Church, Chico, CA, www.ncchico.org & Founder/Director, Kingdom Catalyst, www.kingdomc.org

Phil Miglioratti, Founder/Director, National Pastors Prayer Network, www.nppn.org

For questions, please contact: prayersurgenow@gmail.com

Please visit: www.nationalhighwayofprayer.blogspot.com & www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123543654410869

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