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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/10 "Jews & Gentiles Together" This Thursday

A Special Invitation to

John 17:20-23 "Jews & Gentiles Together"
National Highway of Prayer - Conference Call
This Thursday, 3.10.11, Afternoon/Evening

7pm-9pm Eastern, 6pm-8pm Central, 5pm-7pm Mountain

4pm-6pm Pacific, 3pm-5pm Alaska, 2pm-4pm Hawaii
712-432-0075 & code 6149782#


You are invited to John 17:20-23 Jews & Gentiles Together,

National Highway of Prayer on Thursday, March 10, 7pm-9pm EST.

We are in cooperation with several Messianic & Gentile leaders

for the purpose of TOGETHER calling a national conference to:

(1) Walk as ONE NEW MAN & sound the alarm concerning "Replacement Theology"

(2) Encourage “Prayer & Fasting for Salvation of the Jews,” March 17-19

(3) Announce the "March of Remembrance" of the Holocaust, May 1.

Please read below for:

Confirmed leaders who will address us & lead in prayer &

Additional details of “Jews & Gentiles Together,” March 10, 2011

Coalition of Leaders for “Jews & Gentiles Together”(in alphabetical order):

Rabbi Ron Arnow, www.marchofremembrance.org/home.asp

Sara Ballenger, www.chpponline.blogspot.com

Dr. Negiel Bigpond, www.2-rivers.com, www.nationalprayer.org

Ariel Blumenthal, www.reviveisrael.org

Rabbi Eric Carlson, www.zionsake.org

Rabbi Marty Cohen, www.metroplexmessianic.net

Pastor Gaylord Enns, “Love Revolution,” www.gaylordenns.com

Rabbi Barry Feinman, www.jzrl.org

Pastor Don Finto (by letter), www.calebcompany.com

Pastor Nets Gomez, www.avivamovement.com

Jason Hershey, Youth With A Mission Washington DC

Pastor Arthur Hunt, www.tcaamusic.net, www.nationaldayofprayer.org

Messianic Pastor Victor Khokhlan, King of the Nations House of Prayer, Mass

Pastor Mike Kingsley, www.onlyprayeramerica.com

Doug Levy, Ascend Malibu Fellowship

Sarah Lowe, www.nationaldayofprayer.org

Jim Maher, www.ihop.org

Pastor Ben Medel, A Native American Leader

Ted Pearce, www.tedpearce.com, www.marchofremembrance.org/home.asp

Rosemary Schindler, www.schindlersark.com

Ron Simons, www.greatercalling.org

Rabbi Jason Sobel, www.fusionglobal.org

Rabbi Daniel Vargas, www.bethisraeljewishministries.org,

www.globalprayertowers.com, www.governorsprayerteam.com

Raleigh Washington, www.promisekeepers.org

Rabbi Myles Weiss, www.visitbethshalom.org

Rabbi Shmuel Wolkenfeld, www.orhaolam.com


Matthew Smoler, www.promisekeepers.org

Dai Sup Han, www.prayersurgenow.blogspot.com

Dear Leaders, Rabbis, Pastors & Intercessors Across America:

You are invited to John 17:20-23 Jews & Gentiles Together, National Highway of Prayer, Thursday, March 10, 7pm-9pm EST. We are in cooperation with several Messianic & Gentile leaders for the purpose of TOGETHER calling a national conference to: (1) Sound the alarm concerning "Replacement Theology"; (2) Promote "Esther Fast 2011" during this year's Purim, March 19-20; and (3) Announce the "March of Remembrance" for the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, May 1.

Our Walk as ONE NEW MAN & Replacement Theology
As you may know, the view that the Church has replace the call of Abraham's descendants has been used against the Jews for many centuries, including the implementation of "The Final Solution" by the Nazis. Today, many in the body of Christ are knowingly or unknowingly practicing Replacement Theology. Obviously, most of these brethren are not against the Jews. However, ALL of us need to embrace God's sovereign call of the people of Israel and partner with our Messianic brothers/sister in lovingly leading the rest of the Jews to the ONE and only Messiah. We are inviting you to join us on 3/10 to listen to leaders, rabbis & pastors share in the spirit of John 17:20-23, and agree in prayer towards God's plan & destiny for the Jews in Israel, North America, Europe & around the world. We believe this will also bless the Gentile believers who have been deceived by our common enemy, for ALL of us need to embrace & steward JESUS’ THEOLOGY. When we walk together as the ONE NEW MAN in Ephesians 2:15, we will see the reality of Zechariah 8:23.

Prayer & Fasting for Salvation of Jews – March 17-19
With the growing wave of gentiles - both the churched and the unchurched - speaking and acting out of lack of knowledge, Israel is in danger of greater physical and spiritual attack. Led by some in our government & churches, our nation is losing the resolve for authentic partnership with Israel. In recent months the entire Middle East region - including Israel's immediate neighbors, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon - have grown increasingly unstable. This is a great opportunity for the Lord of the Harvest to save the children of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. We need to call for the Body of Christ - Jews & Gentiles Together - to fasting and prayer. Perhaps our common Father is calling us to call out to Him for A SUCH A TIME AS THIS!? We will promote “Prayer & Fasting for Salvation of Jews” from 13th of Adar, March 17, daybreak, to 15th of Adar, March 19, nightfall, when Jews are encouraged to fast & pray in remembrance of God’s deliverance when Esther led in praying & fasting for her nation as recorded in Esther 4:14-17. May our hearts be joined together in intercession for the salvation of our Jewish neighbors around the world.

March of Remembrance – May 1
In order to transform the world, we must pray to our Heavenly Father. We must also choose to be the answer to our prayers. Imagine what would happen if millions of Christians, who have chosen to live out Jesus' Theology and in regular prayer for Israel, then chose to walk together in honor of Jews everywhere. On Sunday, May 1, many of us will have the opportunity to demonstrate our love and support of the Jewish people to both to God and men. During our conference call on March 10, we will provide the details of March of Remembrance for the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. For now, please visit
http://marchofremembrance.org/home.asp. Let us MARCH WITH JESUS together with His Heart of Isaiah 62:1.

We would appreciate your partnership in prayer, promotion & participation towards Christ’s glory on March 10 & beyond.

Together in Christ,

Matthew Smoler, National Prayer Director, Promise Keepers


Dai Sup Han, Prayer Surge NOW! Coordinator


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  1. Thank you for sharing and dwelling together in unity under the banner of our Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) (Ps. 133). He is releasing a greater measure of His love to His people - His prayer will be answered - that we will be one as He and the Father are One - (Jn. 17) - that the world may believe.